Genuinely Delightful Breakfast Banana Split Recipe That Helps You Pleasantly Surprise Your Family

Breakfast Banana Split Recipe

Hey! It is Alyssa again from Merely Quinoa and I am therefore thrilled to be back revealing yet another healthful recipe alongside you. Today it is about re-creating a traditional child-friendly treat and making it one unbelievable morning meal.

Allow me guess when the term banana split up is mentioned in your own home; suddenly everybody appears to be leaping off the walls with pleasure (children and adults included!). That is certainly the way that it’s for me personally! But banana breaks were not something we were permitted to have frequently developing up my mother realized how harmful they were and the way sugar-insane we’d get afterward – and due to this, they have usually been among my favorite sweets.

I mean really, who would not adore a huge heap of ice-cream, chocolate and whipped cream before these? If you informed them that banana breaks were for breakfast therefore how pleased might your kiddos be? If they are something likes me, they ad be leaping for joy. Particularly since it is an enjoyable, hand on morning meal also!

This super fun, wholesome and tasty spin on a traditional banana split up is completely morning meal-worthwhile, because it is full of fibre, proteins, healthy fats, fruit and very little glucose.

These breakfast banana breaks begin like a banana split up that is old-fashioned: as the foundation with apples. Then as opposed to the ice-cream, we are including a large helping of Greek yogurt. (I made a decision to use coconut-milk Greek yogurt, however you can utilize no matter which range of yogurt your loved ones likes).

Enjoy your young ones using the best healthful morning meal: Blueberry Split-S! Created with your selection of toppings as well as yogurt!

This can be where it is very fun to get the young ones included. It’s possible for you to set the whole-meal up with dishes of various toppings, on desk or the counter-top such as an ice-cream sundae pub in order that they select and can select the things that they like.

As it is possible to observe, my strawberry separate was lead with quinoa crispies (basically the same as rice crispiest merely produced from quinoa!), almond minds for a few proteins, cocoa nibs for a few chocolate flavor without additional glucose, and refreshing fruits.

Ultimately, in strawberry split up style that was accurate, a marinade was required by this self-indulgent break-Fast. I used to be feeling the blueberry-peanut-butter combo; therefore I whipped up a speedy peanut-butter marinade that has been merely a bit of maple-syrup, water along with home-made peanut-butter. Merely a tiny snow on leading and it was period to search in!

Enjoy your young ones using the best healthful morning meal: Blueberry Split-S! Created with your selection of toppings as well as yogurt!


  •     2 large – banana
  •     1 cup – Greek yogurt, plain
  •     1/4 cup – quinoa crispies cereal
  •     3 tablespoon – chia seeds
  •     3 tablespoon – chocolate chips, semisweet
  •     1/4 cup – raspberries
  •     2 tablespoon – peanut butter, all-natural
  •     2 tablespoon – water
  •     1 tablespoon – maple syrup, pure


  1. In a normal size bowl dish, take together 1 tbs of water and walnut syrup, the peanut-butter. Add extra water (or maple-syrup) till marinade reaches a consistency that may effortlessly be rained.
  2. Snow marinade within the divides and function!
  3. Spread the staying toppings consistently atop the yogurt that is Greek.
  4. Remove the two apples and piece them length-wise. Organize them on a menu and best each with 1/2 mug of Greek that is yogurt.