Fast Technique to Experimenting with Easy Marshmallow Fruit Salad Recipe in the House

Easy Marshmallow Fruit Salad Recipe

I Guess since Easter am about Its Own hippity Manner, I’d share a number of our favorite holiday dishes at the upcoming couple of weeks, and also this really easy Marshmallow Fruit Salad will absolutely be on the menu. The youngsters say it’d not be any occasion with dinner!

Actually, we do not only save this deal for Easter. Actually, we have it on xmas, Independence Day and other special occasions, too. I started making this when my earliest baby was little as she was an uber picky eater, plus it gave me something to love in family parties.

Even now, she favors berry salad, Needless to say, that really is all about the simplest dish you are able to create, and therefore today I leave the groundwork up into the kiddos. And they’ll gladly walk you through the steps now and provide you a number of these expert hints.

Fresh Fruit salad is also an excellent choice for Pot Luck dishes or virtually any gathering where food is more demanded. And as it can comprise good fresh fruit, I’d like to consider it’s technically on the wholesome side! As well as a special thanks to my very little urges for helping a lot now!


2 cups miniature marshmallows

2 cans mixed fruit, drained

1 8-ounce container of whipped topping, or whipped cream


  1. Add the fruit to some large mixing jar
  2. Fold from the marshmallows and smooth surface of salad using spatula.