Genuinely Toothsome Mexican Street Corn Salad Recipe That Assists You Pleasantly Surprise Your Family

Mexican Street Corn Salad Recipe

We’d a Magnificent Memorial Day barbecue with friends and family last weekend. I had been responsible for a few of the sides and also just one of the important things which I brought was my slow-cooker corn on the cob. Well with all of the side dishes we wound up using and amazing smoked ribs, ribs, and pork bum, we’re left with plenty of left over’s. I had been left with 7 ears of these 14 ears of corn I’d brought. We ate a few corn early in the week after which I was left with 5 cups of corn on the cob. I had been likely to generate my favourite cherry sauce, tomato and black bean salad because of the taco night once I chose to produce a Mexican Street Corn Salad.

Therefore Thankful That I Decided this choice. It woke our regular side-dishes and also gave us a rich and creamy corn dish which has been outside of the planet. I am not anyone to cook together with mayonnaise alot, but I still understand that’s the secret to good Mexican street corn. Therefore glad I whipped up this to proceed with your tacos one other night as not only did my partner, Jon, think it’s great however did my picky 2 year-old! He gobbled up it!

I used Fresh corn for this particular recipe nonetheless, you can always use frozen corn kernels. The vast majority of the homework time has been removing the corn kernels from the cob. I figure to place the cob at a deep mixing bowl and take out the corn kernels such as this. It may help reduce the total amount of litter! I’d like to use the OXO Corn Peeler and Also a corn picks to Secure my Hands.

This side Dish cooks rapidly once you’ve got the corn kernels removed from the cob. In my circumstance, the corn has been cooked therefore that I had been only heating up the corn. Should you use fresh corn you’ll simply have to cook for an extra 5-10 minutes to guarantee the kernels are cooked. Then once it is the right time to bring the mayonnaise you will also include the cheeses, fresh honey, along with crumbled queso fresco cheese. You will just cook five minutes shirts because in the event that you’ve ever cooked using bananas, once you discover it for so long it starts to split up and also find all oily you personally. After I plated the corn that I scattered additional chili powder to provide it a burst of color! That is it. Super-simple sidedish manufactured in under half an hour whilst the tacos are boiling. I really am hoping you’ll offer my recipe for Mexican Street Corn Salad an effort.


  • Two Tbsp salted butter
  • 1/2 cup Packs
  • Two Tbsp fresh cilantro
  • Dash of Pepper


  1. Eliminate the corn the cooked ears of corn and then put to the opposite.
  2. Cook for five minutes before warm. Cook for another five minutes.
  3. Pepper the top in addition to additional chilli powder. And relish.