Excellent Instructions to Making Pineapple Green Tea Recipe in the House

Pineapple Green Tea Recipe

An instant beverage idea for you to take to. I honestly made this pine-apple green-tea a week once the weather this was magnificent — and unlike a standard April at Scotland.

I chose to get this to for friends coming around, these were forcing and that I desired a soft beverage that could become more than merely common juice out of a jar.

I seemed in my closets for inspiration and watched a spoonful of lemon, in its own juice, languishing plus some green tea extract bags too. Why not combine the 2? This recipe originates from the accession of a few glistening water that I added into the beverage after.

I simply blitzed my lemon within my own Froothie blender — lemon can be a really challenging fresh fruit, however, also the Froothie Optimum 9400 pulverised it in almost no time. You may make use of a fresh lemon too, but roasted is a lot simpler!

For your Green-tea, I then soaked three teabags into a cup of warm water and allow it to cool, then removed from stash bags, going for a fantastic squeeze. This made for a great green tea extract concentrate.

Pine-apple and green-tea are packaged with health benefits; therefore this combination isn’t half bad. And yes it tasted amazing too. My friend Lesley said she would taste the lemon and also the green-tea gave a wee sign of dryness later.

Now, I simply Topped mines up using some carbonated water, however the accession of a few vodka will create this beverage an extremely wonderful tipple for somebody on a scorching summer’s day!


  •  400 grams of pineapple (juices too, if using canned)
  • 3 Green tea Bags
  • 1 bottle of water
  • Ice to function


  1. Begin by massaging the teabags from 250 ml of water, allow it to cool thoroughly before removing the totes, giving them a great squeeze to get all of the moisture outside. Reduce the teabags.
  2. Blitz the lemon in a blender, put in green tea extract. Blitz again and again subsequently passes on the pineapple/green tea mix by means of a sieve on your serving pitcher.
  3. Add sparkling water into the pineapple/green tea combination. Use as little or as far as you prefer, according to how strong you just like the taste. I used to a half litre.
  4. Drink the lemon Green-tea fizz over ice. Enjoy…