Truly Flavoursome Minty Iced Green Tea Recipe That Assists You Pleasantly Surprise Your Family Members

Minty Iced Green Tea Recipe

I am Convinced it isn’t news to anybody who green tea extract is very good for you personally. It has been around television and health magazines which individuals ought to be drinking of it. Green tea extract is full of powerful anti oxidants, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG inhibits the growth of cancer cells also kills cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue.

Fortunately drinking green tea extract really is a real joy for me personally. I am always shocked when people do not partake in sexy glasses of beverage, curled up with a fantastic novel or even a picture, at a cozy seat, with a snuggly blanket…okay; I am drifting off…back once again!

I presumed 1 way to find the men and women who do not ordinarily drink green tea extract might possibly be to serve it’s cold. Insert a lot of mint and lemon. Stir in certain organic dyes, perhaps? Who is game?

Start with Steeping green tea extract at a large tea pot. I used 4 totes and 6 glasses of warm water. Steep for five minutes then remove the tea bags.

After your Tea has satisfactorily chilled, then empty the tea pot to a tall pitcher and then pour into the juice of two tsp. Vitamin-c actually increases the body’s capacity to consume the anti oxidants out of the green-tea thus, get squeezing those apples!

This travelled Together with those scorching summer months beforehand I am convinced I will be appreciating this particular mixture regularly.


  • 4 green tea bags
  • 6 cups boiling water
  • 2 oranges, juiced
  • 1 tablespoon cane sugar
  • 2 lemons, juiced
  • 10 mint leaves, cut into thin strips


  1. Pour 6 cups of water green tea bags at a large tea pot and let steep for five minutes. Remove the tea bag, dip from the mint and then Allow the tea sit an additional 10 minutes to cool
  2. Set bud in refrigerator for 4 hours daily
  3. Pour tea to big pitcher and stir in remaining components
  4. Drink ice hockey and store in the refrigerator