Strategy on The Best Ways to Fix Scrumptious Low Carb Onion Rings Recipe Quickly

Low Carb Onion Rings Recipe

My first Memory of appreciating onion rings reaches Red Robin. They provide it to you personally on the fancy pole item therefore that the rings are piled super-high, it is sold with just two yummy, yet cryptic sauces, along with the crispy coat is really on point! This had been due to the onion rings which Red Robins motto has come to be a part of the language. And, given that you are aware of that, you won’t forget that it either. Needless to state, Red Robin is your inspiration for all these poor as Low-carb Onion Rings!

I understood Earlier I even begun breading the onion that basically wished to receive them as totally coated as those that I was raised eating; I had to replace this procedure. At exactly the exact same time frame, I did not want to accomplish an excessive amount of effort. Therefore, I decided that a dual jacket is my secret key.

Once you receive each of the rings cut away of the pumpkin you’ll drench them into coconut milk to be certain they have been as tender as you can. You may drench them into egg wash, and after that at the coat. The coat is just one we’ve used regularly, nevertheless the very first time in one of our Keto Combine recipes. All you have to is pork rinds and parmesan cheese, and that’s something all of you should already have on your own household. When you coat all of them, you swing back around and shed them at the egg wash and pork rind, parmesan coat for another time. Therefore, the double jacket.

You will encounter a concern with the pork rind, parmesan coat which I found to be the scenario once I had been doing the dual coat. You shed the onion out of the egg wash into the coat it can make the pork rinds soggy. If it happens you are going to wish to either re process them or make a brand new batch. In case the pork rinds are, they won’t stay glued into the onion!

Even though I Can eats onion rings daily, everyday for dinner of their particular I believe they’re an ideal pairing into some hamburger. But they’d most likely be a much more perfect match for your own hamburger. In the event that you missed those just as far as I did so, or when you like finger foods, you want to try out them! Make sure they are for an event, football match, or to get family dinner. They won’t fail!


  • 2 big eggs
  • 1 tablespoon Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 ounce Pork Rinds We utilizes them!


  1. Slice onion breadth shrewd in two inch thick bands.
  2. Divide apart rings and place aside all of the interior pieces you may not be using.
  3. Use three Different bowls to make a coconut milk, egg wash and heavy whipping creampork and pork rind parmesan coat channels.
  4. Starting With coconut milk undergo each of the steps of coat and put on baking stand as envisioned previously.
  5. Once all Onions have been coated, twice and recoat them you start with the egg wash.
  6. Places Double coated rings back to greased baking stand and set at 425 degree oven for fifteen minutes.
  7. Serve warm and enjoy!