Grasp How To Put Together Piquant Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ice Cream Recipe Smoothly

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ice Cream Recipe

Sugary cereal. The most useful, right? Growing upward, sugar cereal has been consistently a sandwich for me personally since I have was not permitted to eat it for breakfast. We ate such things as Cheerios and oatmeal. And fresh fruit lots of fresh fruit. We’ve never actually had sugar cereal at your home, but very sporadically my mom could let’s pick out one for dessert reasons. And that I always eaten it dry up of this box to get time snack or dinner.

I understood I Had to make ice cream within the week before my vacation since I have experienced a quart of heavy cream in the ice box and mightn’t allow it to go to waste. I am aware. And today that I am an adult; I mightn’t even need to wait around until dessert to consume it.

In the Beginning I Was just planning to jump in your kitchen and begin whipping this up. But I did just a small amount of research and thank heavens I did. Because I learned that simply adding Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the ice cream would just wind up making a huge soggy ice cream mess. There have been several methods for them. That could take away from the CTC flavour, I thought. Therefore, I made a decision to take action very similar from what a couple of different recipes did and coat the cereal in brown sugar and butter before adding it in the ice cream. Amen.


  • 1 1/4 C whole milk
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 C sugar
  • 5 large egg yolks
  • 2-C heavy cream
  • Two T vanilla
  • 3 T butter
  • Inch t cinnamon


  1. Start with certainly not. You actually only need 1 cup of milk, but a number of the milk will get absorbed in to the cereal, therefore it is ideal to make use of 1 1/4 cups.
  2. Allow the Cereal sit in the refrigerator for so long as possible. Six hours might be most useful, but in the event that you’ve got to complete less, this really is not the ending of earth. Whenever you take it out from the ice box, it is going to soon be all soggy-like. However, the milk is going to undoubtedly be that incredible sugary cereal-infused milk. You understand the sort that you would like to slurp right outside from the bowl.
  3. Strain the Milk from the cereal, ensuring you’ve got a cup of milk (in the event that you’ll need more, just pour more plain milk).
  4. Heat the Whisk egg Yolks in another bowl.
  5. Pour half then pour that straight back in to the sauce pan with the remaining part of the milk.
  6. Pour the Cream in to another bowl put into an ice bath. I simply put ice packs in to a major bowl. Then set the bowl in to the refrigerator for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight.
  7. In the Mean time, you are able to ready the cereal, so that it’s nice and crunchy once you add it in the ice cream. To begin with, put both glasses of cereal in a bag and crush it only a bit. Although perhaps not a lot of!
  8. Now, heat Whisk it altogether.
  9. And pour it on the cereal.
  10. Spread the Cereal on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, therefore it is in a nice even layer.
  11. Bake it in
  12. Let it cool this is precisely what I love to call Cinnamon Toast Crunch taken towards another level.
  13. Whenever Your Milk/cream solution is niiiice and cold, you are prepared to process your ice cream depending on your ice cream maker’s guidelines. I churned mine for approximately 40 minutes.
  14. Oh, and While it had been churning, I realized that it may be nice to own only a little extra cinnamon in the ice cream.
  15. Once the Ice cream is all but done, mix within the Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces. Then store the ice cream in another container and let freeze for yet another few hours, or overnight.
  16. Serve ice Cream and sprinkle slightly more Cinnamon Toast Crunch on top should you therefore desire. And exactly why wouldn’t you.