Honestly Glorious Quinoa Crusted Onion Rings Recipe That Assists You Pleasantly Surprise Your Anyone

Quinoa Crusted Onion Rings Recipe

When it comes to onion rings, I am a small late bloomer. I really don’t believe I attempted my very first onion ring before I was in my twenties, and once I did, I cannot say I was dismissed. They were somewhat bland and I really could think of a thousand additional foods I would rather consume.

But I Soon understood that not all of onion rings are made equal. Years after, everything changed when I attempted Brand New restaurant’s quinoa-battered onion rings. Their onion rings are celebrated as a number of Toronto’s finest and I immediately agreed, being the onion ring connoisseur that I had been…not.

However, I really do know decent food once I taste it. Deep-fried, thick, crispy, and flavourful…they left me an immediate onion ring enthusiast for life.

Not long Afterwards, I had been in the kitchen attempting to make my own onion rings; just those could be baked rather than fried, more of the “regular” onion ring, if you may.

My first few trials were adequate, but still a far cry from that which I expected they would taste like.

One of my First trials, deep on the breadcrumbs:

I experimented with a couple unique coatings and batter combinations before I found a combo which I loved. Do not fret should you’d have one of those ingredients since they may be adapted very easily.

I believed I Could slip an onion ring until the timer stopped along with the camera fired, but I figure that I was not quick enough.


  • 2/3 cup bread of choice
  • 2/3 cup + 1 tablespoon vegetable broth
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoon dried veggies (I used 1tsp each basil & oregano)


  1. Slice onion into rings, 3/4 inch in diameter (bigger than shown in images as I created mine too narrow), and book about 15-22 or thus, wrap up the leftovers for a different use.
  2. Using a fork, dip an onion ring to the batter, coating all sides. Now move it into the coating mix and throw it around a little bit. Use a clean & sterile hand to scoop coating up and then scatter it throughout the ring. If at any time that your hands get sticky or coated, then simply wash and dry before beginning again. Place onion rings on prepared baking sheets and then repeats for the remainder. Do not worry if things become cluttered or they do not coat “perfectly”…simply think about them rustic and call it a day! You’ll have coating leftover which is not consumed.
  3. Bake for Approximately 18 minutes at 425F, Flipping once after 10 minutes. You can broil them for a moment or 2 in the End to brownish. Serve to your favourite dip or ketchup.